2 languages. 8 interns. 12 film challenges.

One intense reality show.

Aloha Challenge is symbilingo's language immersion championship for Japanese and Americans.

the game

With $10,000 on the line, which intern will finish on top: Japanese or American?

8 bi-lingual college interns test their language, management, and creative abilities to win this 4-week filmmaking competition. If they can convince teams of high school students to hire them, then lead those teams to victory, elimination is avoided.

Tight deadlines, language barriers, and personalities complicate any situation, but certainly make for a compelling low-budget, high-content reality show.

This is the Aloha Challenge.

the cast

The 20 contestants are neatly divided: half Japanese, half Americans; half girls, half guys.

the interns

the high school teams

The stars of the show, their struggles, trials and triumphs drive this intercultural drama. Each draws from his own -- or others' -- skills to win the grand prize.

Civilians in this battle, they still are the backbone of the show. They decide which interns are hired, fired, and eliminated. Teams also do the hard work of producing films and blogs (directing, acting, filming, editing, composing, etc.).

discovering Hawai'i.

In each round, teams are challenged to inspire the world about 3 unique experiential learning activities. They know where they'll be filming, but not who will lead them or what their story will be.

Interns pitch ideas to teams through 4 rounds. If they're lucky, they're hired as producers, then have the power to select an assistant from unhired interns who remain. Those left unemployed are eliminated.


(the twist)

Leading high school students -- who barely speak each others' languages -- and producing winning media in less than 3 days definitely ain't easy. Forming alliances with other interns to avoid unemployment proves to be priceless.

so this is educational!?

no! (well, maybe, if you look hard enough)

Aloha Challenge is pure Japanese-English entertainment. Symbilingo's intensive language immersion competition is the playground. Our contestants' ACTFL-OPI scores prove the curriculum's effectiveness.

You, too, might pick up some Japanese or English, but mostly, you'll just have fun watching.

interested in learning?

Since 2005, we've honed this educational concept to create Aloha Challenge. We've also been applying this language-partner, international team, and creation-based learning model in online curricula experiments.

Starting January 2009, we invite all language learners to join Symbilingo. Bring your language partner, or meet one here. While competing against other partnerships to produce all sorts of media, earn points, and win prizes, you'll acquire practical language for discussing topics that you enjoy most. It's like Aloha Challenge, but your friends won't see you on TV.

Also:  want to be Top Producer in the 2009 Aloha Challenge? Join symbilingo and earn your opportunity.

Japanese  English

student films - episodes - clips

new round four films

team alpha round 4 film

Producers Scott and Seiji host a personal documentary on the Hawaiian Bon Dance.
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team bravo round 4 film

Lovers unite to save each other and abolish Kapu law in Bravo's final film.
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team charlie round 4 film

Team Charlie's Taiki helps assemble an authentic Hawaiian luau.
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round three films

team alpha round 3 film

Alpha tells the story of the enduring tradition of leis.
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team bravo round 3 film

On the Oahu Ghost Tour, Team Bravo has a freaky encounter with some Hawaiian spirits.
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team charlie round 3 film

Team Charlie documents their visit to the Nawahi Immersion School.
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round two films

team alpha round 2 film

At KGMB Studios, Team Alpha finds out what it takes to make a news broadcast.
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team bravo round 2 film

Team Bravo tells a tale of false hope and found love.
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team charlie round 2 film

Team Charlie's Travis visits Ma'o Organic Farm to lose a few pounds.
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round one films

team alpha round 1 film

Alpha explores the sustainability of oil while they visit the Pacific Biodiesel plant.
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team bravo round 1 film

Team Bravo's day isn't going so well, until they get a call from Hawaiian band Kaukahi.
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team charlie round 1 film

Charlie visits the Haleiwa Shingon Mission and offers a message of peace.
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introduction films

team alpha intro film

Team Alpha forms a crime-fighting alliance to save producer Chris's day.

team bravo intro film

Team Bravo starts a new dance craze.

team charlie intro film

Charlie's members meet each other in chance encounters on the streets of Honolulu.

new! episode 7

episode 7 (part 1)

Episode 7 Part 1

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Episode 6 Part 3

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Episode 6 Part 4

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Episode 5 Part 3

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Episode 4 Part 3

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Episode 4 Part 5

episode 3

episode 3 (part 1)

Episode 3 Part 1

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Episode 3 Part 2

episode 3 (part 3)

Episode 3 Part 3

episode 3 (part 4)

Episode 3 Part 4

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Episode 3 Part 5

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episode 2 (part 1)

Episode 2 Part 1

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Episode 2 Part 2

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Episode 2 Part 3

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Episode 2 Part 4

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Episode 2 Part 5

episode 1

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Episode 1 Part 1

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Episode 1 Part 2

episode 1 (part 3)

Episode 2 Part 3

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Episode 1 Part 4

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Episode 1 Part 5

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Episode 1 Part 6

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